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Mu kânda, babo longa ye longwa
Within the community, everybody teaches and learns


Foundations of Engineering for Nation Building

"We are not engaged in domestic politics, in church building or in social uplift work, but we are engaged in nation building."
~Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Engineering is the use of science and mathematics to design and build the technologies and infrastructure that are necessary for nations to function. Engineers are nation builders; however, that connection is often not well understood. In this 8-week course (beginning in late October 2020) we'll explore the why and how of engineering - how engineers build technologies and infrastructure and why engineers are necessary for nation building and management activities.

In the second half of the course (spring 2021) we'll build on these concepts and students will apply them towards their own engineering design project. Students will have to create an engineering solution to a problem, manage the budget for the project, and effectively communicate with a demanding and sometimes irrational Client.

African Centered Physical Science

Many traditional African communities up to this day use an old method for cooking. Their "kitchen" is located outdoors and their stovetop is a large pot supported by three large firestones. The Bakôngo of Central Africa call these three stones makuku matatu. These three firestones, literally and figuratively, hold up our fire. Symbolism associated with the three firestones can be found throughout the Continent, usually centering around ideas of the three major stages of human (physical) life. 

It is with this paradigm that we embark upon this first 16-week-semester exploration into the science of the physical world. We'll examine introductory concepts in physics and chemistry through African proverbs, cosmological principles, and oral narratives. Connect online with live streaming audio (VOIP) and video with your classmates from around the world!

Meet Our Team

Nsa baako nso Nyame ani kata
A single hand is insufficient to cover the eye of Nyame (the sun).

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NKALA Education specializes in online, African centered mathematics, science, and engineering courses, one-on-one tutorials and test prep. We work with homeschools, students in public or private schools, colleges, universities, as well as adult learners. Our mission is to prepare students to be independent builders of their own reality with practical skills that are relevant to our community.

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