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Mu kânda, babo longa ye longwa
Within the community, everybody teaches and learns


Black Radical Algebra I

This 16-week course in Algebra I is the first semester of our full academic year course (see spring 2021 course for spring semester topics). 

Algebra goes back to the Nile Valley of ancient Africa where our Black ancestors developed one of the earliest mathematical texts - the Iahmesu (Ahmes) Mathematical Papyrus. This ancient text (actually a copy of an even older text) contains problems from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The title of papyrus was "Rules for Conducting Research into Nature for the Purpose of Knowing All that Exists: Each Mystery and Each Secret." It is in that spirit that we're embarking upon this journey into solving for the unknown. We use African proverbs and oral narratives along with games and some mental elbow grease to ensure that students are rooted in the African worldview as they explore this one of many mathematics subjects that was created by our African ancestors.  

African Centered Physical Science

Many traditional African communities up to this day use an old method for cooking. Their "kitchen" is located outdoors and their stovetop is a large pot supported by three large firestones. The Bakôngo of Central Africa call these three stones makuku matatu. These three firestones, literally and figuratively, hold up our fire. Symbolism associated with the three firestones can be found throughout the Continent, usually centering around ideas of the three major stages of human (physical) life. 

It is with this paradigm that we embark upon this first 16-week-semester exploration into the science of the physical world. We'll examine introductory concepts in physics and chemistry through African proverbs, cosmological principles, and oral narratives. Connect online with live streaming audio (VOIP) and video with your classmates from around the world!

Meet Our Team

Nsa baako nso Nyame ani kata
A single hand is insufficient to cover the eye of Nyame (the sun).

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