Educational Motivation

Is your child L.A.Z.Y.???

Is your child LAZY? Lacking discipline Academically apathetic Zoned out Your spoiled ‘lil baby If your child exhibits these symptoms then ask your doctor about LiveinthevillageTM. Liveinthevillage is an all-natural supplement that works to cure LAZY by immersing your child in a village environment. Side effects include: going to fetch water, cooking their own meals …

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The “when will I ever use this?” question and the most important skill

One frequent question that I get from students is some form of “when will this ever be useful to me?” or “what is the real-life application of this?” These questions are typically asked with relation to mathematics problems. As an educator, the correct answer that I am supposed to give (according to the rules of …

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Ritualize Your Study Time

Ọgbọ́n ju ágbára Wisdom is greater than strength. I’ve been reading Ìjàpá stories lately. Ìjàpá is the trickster tortoise among the Yorùbá who is always using his cunning intellect to outsmart the people and achieve his (usually greed-based) goals. Ọgbọ́n ju ágbára is most definitely Ìjàpá’s motto. Although this is generally a noble adage, for …

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Founder of NKALA Education Held Back in the 7th Grade?!?

Up to that point I was an average student. I gave minimal effort in school to the point that every year I often wondered how I had made it past the previous grade. At that time I was much more concerned with playing basketball, riding my bike, and playing Sega Genesis. So you can imagine my surprise when the results of the assessment came in and I discovered that I had scored higher than many of my friends and classmates! Here I was, this mediocre student who had just scored higher than some of the smartest students in my class. I was excited. Although I had never cared before, now the possibility of taking advanced courses was giving me a sense of pride and confidence in my own abilities.