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Pre-Algebra Workbook and Problem-Solving Guide (eBook/PDF)

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It’s finally here! Over 300 pages of Afrikan-centered excellence is now available from NKALA Educational Services. Perfect for Afrikan-centered educators, homeschooling programs, after-school warrior enrichment, and revolutionary students.
Practical mathematics for real-world applications
Ancient Afrikan problem solving techniques
Instruction in english and Akan/Twi
Common sense, everyday mathematics in plain language
Problem-based learning from real engineering challenges
Over 300 pages of Afrikan genius!
Topics include: basic math, algebraic equations, graphing linear equations, polynomials, percents, factoring, proportions and similarity, algebraic inequalities, and more!

Intro to Afrikan Math: Correct Methods for Conducting Research Into Nature (eBook/PDF)

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For many of us, the mathematics of Afrika is hidden in plain sight. Many of us have been conditioned to be like the proverb: Ɔhɔhoɔ ani akɛseakɛseɛ, nanso ɔmfa nhu hwee – Although the stranger’s eyes may be big, s/he doesn’t really see anything. The math and science of Afrika is all around us, but like the constellations overhead, or the smell of the wind blowing in front of our houses, many of us have been conditioned to ignore many of those fundamental things around us. 

This book takes us back and reminds us how to truly see the mathematics of Afrika – which, fortunately for us, is literally written in the stars. From the Afrikan women who started it all, to pyramid math, to the foundations of cartography and an excerpt from one of our Warrior Scholars who breaks down the politics of math and science this book is sure to be the medicine for “stranger’s eyes.”

And there’s MORE! This book also features actual mathematics problems in Mdw Ntr from one of the oldest mathematical texts known – the Iahmesu Mathematical Papyrus. The original Mdw Ntr is given and translated into the Akan/Twi language as well as into english. Become skilled in the Correct Methods for Conducting Research into Nature today!

Numbers and Nature: A Guide to Counting in Four Afrikan Languages (eBook/PDF)

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Everything in the universe is assigned a number. In this way Amma [the Supreme Being] used the principle of number to organize the creation. Indeed, the Dogon believe that the po [seed of infinite potentiality] will contain the entire universe conceived in Amma’s thought through the concept of number.
~Excerpt from Dogon Creation Cosmology

Numbers and Nature: A Guide to Counting in Four Afrikan Languages is an e-workbook designed to help Afrikan students to become proficient in advanced counting methods in four popular Afrikan languages. This e-workbook takes the student beyond 1-10 and includes the proper spelling, accents, and diacritics for properly writing and pronouncing numerals from 1 – 1,000+ in the four languages. Each section includes colorful practice exercises and as a bonus, the Akan (Twi) section includes arithmetic exercises entirely in the west Afrikan language. It’s time to get serious about nation building. It’s time to reclaim the languages and technologies of our Ancestors so that we can build for eternity; we’ve done it before, let’s do it again!