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Phenomenal Experience

My experience with Nkala Environmental has been nothing less than phenomenal! That says a lot because it takes a lot for me to submit a review/testimonial. I enrolled in adult Twi lessons with Nkala Environmental and had the pleasure of the founder, Yaw Agbede presenting not 1, not 2, but 3 virtual (culturally relevant) workshops

Afia Raina


Congratulations on your 10 years of service! Yaw has been one of my best Akan Twi teachers. He is patient with his students and has a superb teaching style. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

Nana Akosua Boatemaa

Mr Yaw has been a great help to me

I was late in prepping for my SAT exam. I had exactly a month to pick up my score without knowing where to start from. Luckily, I found Mr Yaw and started my sessions almost immediately. In just a few sessions in, my scores started to pick up. He explains things in such a concise

Mariam Yahya

Finally! Engaging Education!

Project based learning is all the rage but this class exceeded our expectations. In addition to the lifelong skills and tools they acquired, this course required our children to actually interact and engage the instructor to get key information relevant to complete their projects. Being introduced to real world project challenges and imploring our children

Olade Olayinka

Nkala- A MUST for Serious Students!

For over three years, my daughter has been a student of “Baba Yaw”, taking engineer-related courses. Her declared career path was unquestionably influenced by him. Being very relatable and keenly intuitive, Baba Yaw can meet you at your level, but will challenge you to be your destined best. All of his educational offerings, holistic in

Njideka Karmo

A wealth of Afrikan Knowledge!

We are so grateful to have found Baba Yaw. Ask and you shall receive. My son is interested in Engineering. We were first introduced to Baba Yaw through his Engineering course. This course was a thorough look into Project Management, Engineering, Communication Development, and so much more; and all from an Afrikan perspective. Next, we

Aqueelah Sabir

NKALA’s Courses– Life Changing, Relevant Education

Baba Yaw Agbede is a master teacher and brilliant engineer. Several years ago, the Children of the Sun Homeschool Mpotam was privileged to learn from Baba Yaw about sacred Afrikan traditions and contemporary environmental issues. Today, in the midst of a global pandemic, Baba Yaw’s teachings are even more relevant. The Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun Homeschool Mpotam

2020 TeacherAppreciation Letter

Dear Baba Yaw, Our experience with Baba Yaw this school year has been awesome. Baba Yaw has been one of our best and favorite teachers because he is an example of a great mind who loves to infuse his students with knowledge. As a whole, us students agree that you have done something to enrich

-From Nkala Education of class of 2019-2020 (Titilayo Olayinka, Aalim f Sabir, Akina Adebowale, Omoye Bandele, Nhandi Nyawela, Jabea Msola, Haola Sabir, Kofi Simmons, Aaliyah Simmons, Moyele Olayinka)

Blacknificent Teacher

Baba Yaw is nothing less than Blacktastic! His love and dedication to Afrikan children and their education is one of a kind and clearly visible by how and what he teaches in his classes. This is true Afrikan Centered Education and one of the best online learning experiences I’ve seen offered. He is thorough with

Ogunlewa Jendayi Adebowale

Excellent Courses

When my son was 6 years old, he took courses with Yaw and it changed my son’s outlook on the world and himself. When he learned as part of his math class that the oldest mathematical artifact came from southern Africa in addition to learning all that Africa has contributed to math and science, he

Shaila Lewis

The Right Decision!

I am a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the U.S. majoring in aerospace engineering. As you can imagine that career path includes a great deal of math. This had become a struggle for me since the most significant parts of my math career in high school were taught by professors and teachers

John Albert Bradley

Yaw was a God send!!!

We found Yaw’s Nkala Education through a mutual friend, Raina with Black Sustainability Network, who mentioned him on her page. I am the mother of a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, affectionately known as GA Tech, also Yaw’s alma mata. We finished a year at Ga Tech but knew

Molette Bradley

Highlight of COVID-19 Home Schooling

Nkala and Baba Yaw have been a bright spot in a year of a pandemic and civil unrest. My son is bright but also at a challenging, yet, critical stage in education: middle school, which can be tough with motivation. Nkala/Baba Yaw have offered a high-quality, enriching experience. It has been an excellent enhancement to

J. Olu Baiyewu